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Latest news from Atlantic Diver
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Blue Skies....... Exit Dive Blues

Enthusiastic Seaways Divers from Penryn, enjoyed blue skies, calm seas and Newquay Diving today ,from aboard "Atlantic Diver".

We dived the "Syracusa" ( 2,000 tn steamer, sank in 1898 in a gale ) in 33m, viz was poor at max 2m ( unlike our usual 10m plus ) but enjoyed by all and was a great build up dive to the start of 2015 dive season.

The trip was preceeded by a Sea Safari ,in which we spotted hundreds of Gannets diving, 2 Harbour Porpoise, 2 Grey Seals, a return of Kittiwakes to a local colony and Guillemots to their  ledges.

Bottlenose Dolphins are Back

Bottlenose Dolphins Return to Newquay Bay Bottlenose Dolphins are back in Newquay Bay again feeding just off the headland AND ....they had a Newborn Calf with them complete with foetal folds which are the creases where the calf is folded in utero much in the same way a human foetus curls up to fit a tight space.

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