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Pictures of the Armenian
Discovered in April 2008 off Newquay. The multibeam sonar scan shows the wreck on the seabed in 95m upright and intact.

DEEP WRECK MYSTERIES 20th Nov 7.30 ITV dont miss it.......

The  8,825  Liner "Armenian" was torpedoed  on 28 June 1915 whilst on voyage to Avonmouth from Newport News (USA). She was built for the Leyland Line and used as a Passenger Liner before being taken over by the Whie Star Line and later converted to carry live animals for the war effort, at the time of her sinking she was carrying general stores and 3,000 mules destined for the trenches in France. She was 160m long with an 18m beam. 9 crew and 20 donkeymen were killed the rest survived and were picked up and later landed at Avonmouth. She now lies 50 miles off Newquay in about 95m of water. We have dived her only 3 times for the filming of "Deep Wreck Mysteries" and is completely upright and intact, we have recovered only one plate bearing the insignia of the "WhiteStar Line" for identification puposes only.
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