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High speed catamaran trips off the coast of Newquay, Cornwall.

Atlantic Diver,  Skippered by Chris Lowe, with over 30 years experience as an RYA Yachtmaster  and all aspects of Commercial Work, Deep Sea Diving, Fishing and Boat Management.

Annabelle Lowe is highly experienced in all aspects of marine life management and conservation and works closely with local organisations, public bodies and education authorities in Cornwall and beyond. 

Atlantic Diving is probably the most established and experienced diving and marine adventure business in Cornwall. Chris and Annabelle Lowe are also two of the most friendliest people you could wish to meet... they are passionate about their work and deeply commited to providing the best diving and marine experience. You're in safe hands when you're onboard the Atlantic Diver and Atlantic Explorer.



Dolphins tail walking

Atlantic Diver was out on a Dive trip with Somerset divers on Sunday and came across this...

Sunfish seen off Newquay

 On what should have been a seal spotting day where the seals are the stars of the show..we saw...

Dolphins in Newquay

Newquay's Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins starred in the famous T.V. series " Four in a Bed" in...

Bottlenose Dolphins are Back

Bottlenose Dolphins Return to Newquay Bay Bottlenose Dolphins are back in Newquay Bay again feeding just off the headland AND ....they had a Newborn Calf with them complete with foetal folds which are the creases where the calf is folded in utero much in the same way a human foetus curls up to fit a tight space.

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